a New Year Card (Nengajyo)

a New Year Card (Nengajyo)

We Japanese people have a custom that we send New Year cards to our friends and relatives.
It is delivered on January 1 by postman if you put cards into post by approximately December 24.
You will see a dragon in Chinese astrology in 2012 cards.
It is a reason the signs of the zodiac in Chinese astrology are often used in New Year Cards.
Next the auspicious items, pine, bamboo, ume tree, and a crane also are used very well.
And recently I usually see the New Year card attached with a photo.
The photo card can let you know the situation of family member or the visiting scenery.
We can touch with each other by the New Year card to persons who we hardly can see for a long term.

the signs of the zodiac in Chinese astrology

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