Physical punishment

Physical punishment

The physical punishment in the educational scene in Japan was always considered to be a serious problem.
There is the physical punishment of the sport club in particular as ever.
Sometimes you are given an order to run for one lap around of the ground as a punishment and are added another two laps by the reason why you ran slowly, even if you aren't beaten by a hand directly like a palm or a fist of the hand.

Or, unreasonably instead of a physical punishment, you would be occasionally demanded the coat maintenance, leveling the ground with a roller, cleaning the tools etc.
Practically, all can't consent to the contents of a command, it is a problem.

And newcomers merely yell loudly, care preparation and gather balls without the drill.
Though many people like the sports and enter clubs, a large number of people would leave it.
I guess many people had talent but couldn't bear fruit.

Therefore, now many students play tennis or soccer in not the club of the school but in a private general class.
Not only an advisor, the supervision but also the senior of the club does physical punishment.
There will be a suffering person who he wants to leave the club and can't do it.
If chugalugging is forced, it is a kind of physical punishment, though it looks like a treatment at a welcome party.
Can't we eliminate the power harassment and the sexual harassment?

30 August2005 " Corporal punishment"






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