Early retirement

Civil servants conduct early retirement because of bonus reduction.

The bill that the retirement money of the government officials is reduced was decided in the end of last year.
With it, the local public service workers are also reduced the retirement money in each prefecture.

The teachers of the public school are local civil servants of the prefecture.
And the school begins in April and ends in March and a class is run as one grade.
However, large number of teachers just expressed their intention to retire 1 months before the regular resignation of March.

Each prefecture must decide the solution way whether in order to let teachers work until the end of March, it postpones the enforcement of the regulation till April 1 , or it lets them worked as part-time workers after resignation for the remaining 1-2 months, or it lets other teachers take management of two classes.

A retirement bonus system is based as the appreciation that they have contributed to the workplace for long years.
There are an allowance in a lump sum and a corporate pension which they can receive during the lifetime.
There was a case which the corporate pensions lost because of the failure of the operating of fund.
Even an employee of the regular employment isn't given the retirement bonus to in the more than 10% companies.
The general retirement allowance of a lump sum of the university graduate is around 30 million yen from 20 million yen.
Income of the retirement bonus has the particular subtraction.
Some persons of the upper echelon get retirement bonus two or three times from the workplaces as a "Amakudari" after the retirement.
If the Diet member works for ten years, he can receive the Diet pension.
If a member of the Diet worked for less than ten years, he can refund the 80% of the premium that he paid.
When the general person passed away by 65 years old, people can't get the almost premium.
The governor gets the retirement bonus together with every 1 term.
The resignation bonus of the Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara seems to be 152,440,000 yen in four terms.







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