Newspaper delivery

Newspaper delivery

The newspaper is delivered every day to a newspaper tray of the entrance.
There are the morning paper and the evening paper and they are enclosed in a covering bag to protect getting wet on a rainy day.
Even on the days of a typhoon and the heavy rain, it is delivered without a change of time.

There are some kinds of the newspaper at one region.
The subscription fee takes approximately 4,000 yen to be delivered one morning paper and one evening paper for one month.

Though it is the time you can know the news by the TV, Internet, a smartphone, why will you take the newspaper?
It will be merely only because you have got into the habit. Is it not so?
I also have breakfast, as reading a newspaper every morning.
Some advertisement leaflets of the neighboring shops are inserted, too.
Though I don’t have the objection that I stop a subscription, I think I will keep reading it for no reason.

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