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The bicycle is a convenient means of transportation at the place of the plains.
For students of high school, junior high school and elementary school, under the age of 18 year-old when you can take the driver's license, the bicycle is the necessities.

Generally there is a bicycle storage in front of the almost of the train stations, but there are also lined up a lot of bad-mannered abandoned bicycles.
A bicycle for rent to share a bike, is done partly to attract tourists, but is not common in urban areas.

You can also bring your bicycle on the train at the local areas nation-wide, such as Yourou Railway in Gifu Prefecture.
You have to check the home page of each Railway about a limited vehicle and a designated date.

There are also bicycles for a child, for the three-seater, and for sports.
The cheap bicycle is sold from around 10,000 yen.
Since bicycle is often stolen, 2 locks are recommended.

A bicycle rider has to be careful to comply with the road rules as motor vehicles.


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