Yuta Iyama

Yuta Iyama is a professional Go player who first achieved the seven Crowns in the Go world.
April 2016, he got the title "The tenth dan level" and became a holder of seven titles of "Kisei","Meijin","Honinbo","Oza","Tengen" and "Gosei" simultaneously.
He was born in 1989 and he is 27 years old now.

When he was five, he learned the fun of "Go" on TV game his father bought to him.
And he appeared to TV program of "Go" at the age of six before entering in the elementary school. 

At that time, he beated five adults opponents in succession in the mini "Go".
It was allowed to apprentice to Kunio Ishii of the nineth dan that had served as a commentary of that program.
Kunio Ishii Kudan coached him under the instructive matches of 1000 times.

At the time of the second grade of elementary school, he won the championship in the part of the elementary school children nationwide and he was aimed to become the professional.
He achieved the first dan level in the first grade of junior high school and started as a professional.
In 2002, the first dan, the second dan,
In 2003, the third dan
In 2005, the fourth dan and the seventh dan,
In 2008, the eighth dan,
He was progressing steadily.

In 2009, he took the youngest "Meijin" title ever at the age of 20
and got the ninth dan.
In 2011, he took the youngest "The tenth dan" title ever at the age of 21.
the youngest "Tengen" ever in the 22-year-old.
In 2012, he took "Honinbo", "Gosei" and "Ouza" in the 23-year-old.
The five Crowns is the youngest record.
In 2013, he took "Kisei" in the 23-year-old. He achieved the Grand Slam.
Both are the youngest records.

Then, while of playing the defense matches, he had six crowns in 2015.
April 2016, he retook the "The tenth dan" and he at last achieved the first-ever 7 crowns simultaneous domination.

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