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Now the season we want to drink sake came.
Generally saying about the sake, it has a number of types.
First, sake named with a "junmai(pure rice)" is made of rice and rice koji, and is not added brewing alcohol.
In addition, by the polishing ratio (the cleaning degree to rice from the rice grain), it marked with a name, such as Daiginjo, Ginjo and Brewed.

By the polishing ratio and time of the fermentation of rice, it increases flavor and aroma, and its price becomes higher.

Best one is the "Junmai Dai Ginjo" and its polishing ratio is 50% or less.
Its ingredients are rice, rice koji and water.
"Dai Ginjo" has been brewed carefully and slowly at low temperatures.
Ginjo」 is 60 percent or less in the degree of rice polishing, usually 「ordinary sake」 is 60% to 70%.
You will feel calm aroma and sweetness on 「Junmai Dai Ginjo」 more than 「Dai Ginjo」 which is adding the brewing alcohol.

However, since the taste is different by the manufacturer and the raw materials, please find the taste that suits you in reference to these things.


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