Dango (sweet rice dumpling)

There is the difference of dango and manjyu.
Dango is made from the flour of cereals (rice and glutinous rice) and is a food that is formed like a small ball and is boiled or is steamed and is served with seasoning of bean paste, kinako or sweet soy sauce.

On the other hand, manjyu is sweets that sweet red bean paste etc. is covered with a thin wrapping of dough made by wheat flour and is steamed.

We often eat “Hanami dango (blossom viewing dumpling)”, “Tsukimi dango (moon viewing dumpling)”, “Higan dango (the equinox dumpling) and “Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar on a skewer)”.

The ingredient of dumpling is the flour of cereals.
Various kinds of flour of cereals are sold at shops.

"Shiratama-ko" is originally glutinous rice. It looks like granular texture but is finer-grained than "Mochi-ko".
"Joushin-ko" is originally non-glutinous rice.
"Dango-ko" is mixed both non-glutinous rice and glutinous rice. It makes more elastic than "Shiratama-ko" of glutinous rice.

"Mochi-ko" is originally glutinous rice.
It is an ingredient makes "mochi", which means rice cake and is glutinous texture.
It isn't easy to become hard even if it is cooled.

Wheat flour is starch of wheat.
You can also make dango mixing both flour and Shiratama-ko.

Though the followings are not ingredients of dumpling,I will introduce another powders, which are put together in the same shelf of shops.

"Katakuri-ko" is originally potato starch.
We use it to thicken the broth or to make the bracken rice cake a substitute for bracken powder.

is starch of the roots of arrowroot. It is used in the cold dessert in the summer.
"Warabi-ko" is starch of the roots of bracken. Warabi-ko makes a warabi rice cake.
"Kina-ko" is the powder of soybeans. We eat sprinkled with sugar to the rice cake and dumpling.

"Hattai-ko" is the powder of barley and naked barley flour. It is used the ingredients of the sweets.
"Soba-ko" is the buckwheat flour. It is well kneaded with hot water to make "sobagaki".

According to the shop and location, it may have been sold under a different name and the fine classification.

The powder covering the fried chicken or fish is wide range like katakuri-ko, wheat flour, and rice powder.

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