Citrus Sudachi

Sudachi is the same kind of the acidic-flavored citrus like a lemon and it is sold near lemon of the vegetable aisle.
It has weights about 40g and is small green ball sizes like a golf ball.
It has fresh scent and brings out the taste.

It is sold mostly from September to October but you can use all year round because it is possible to be frozen and preserve.
Almost of all of them is produced in Tokushima Prefecture of Shikoku and you can use it in various noodles, tofu cuisine, vinegared food, grilled fish, alcohol drink, as well soft drink.

Yuzu, cabos(Citrus sphaerocarpa), lime, lemon, shekwasha(Citrus depressa Hayata) also are the same category with it.
There is no rule that this is used in that dish.
Why don't you try one with this cuisine by your today's feeling?

Yuzu is 120g or so, its skin is yellow and its surface in has been bumpy.
It will be used such as in pots and Japanese style soup.
Cabos is about 140g and its size is like tennis ball.
It has been sold till yellow from green.

Shekwasha is produced in Okinawa Prefecture.
Lemon and lime are imported very much but many domestic places in the tangerine production area also make them.

Because these acidic-flavored citrus have many vitamin C, they are said they have effects to keep the skin beautiful and not to get sick easily by enhancing the immunity.

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【徳島産 すだち酢 720ml】すだち果汁100%☆無農薬・無添加 【楽ギフ_包装】【クール宅急便】焼酎/整腸作用
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