Isn't it strange? -Postal savings vanish?-

If the savings of Japan Post Bank have not been transacted for 20 years are confiscated in national treasury funds.
Now as the aging progresses and the elderly living alone increases, its news is strange, don’t you think so?

It becomes a dormant account in 10 years from the last trading day, and if 20 years and 2 months have passed, it seems that the owners' right will be extinguished and become the treasury fund.

It is said that payment will be made if there is a request for refund, but some people might have forgotten even the presence of deposits.

If you cannot find a passbook of an old grandfather or grandmother who died, the heirs cannot even grasp the property.
If they have been hospitalized in a hospital or a nursing home care facility for long term or if they keep put the passbook away somewhere to stash a secret savings or if they did with countermeasures to prevent from a thief, it would be hard for you to find their savings.

Not your parents, youself also will become not to be able to manage anything perfectly with age much.
Contrary to the fact that inheritance tax omissions are kept strictly, why does not Post Bank investigate customers?

When I asked Post Bank, they said there is a procedure called "Introduction to existence".
It seems that you can have it investigated if you hand in the necessary documents together to the post office.







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