Tiding up the parent's house

"Tiding up the parent's house" is now a keyword. 
When parents live apart from their children and become older and older, they would not get to manage things such as money and so on. 
Furthermore, when they get illness and cannot do themselves, you need to do anything over one after another. 
In the final, there is the problem of how to deal with their old houses and belongings. 

We have to tidy up them simultaneously with the inheritance.
We ourselves must begin "Shuukatsu", means preparing the final stage of life while when being energetic and healthy. 

"Danshari" also is generalized, means "tiding up or reducing belongings with ages" in Japanese. 

And let's keep things in order so that the family of the deceased will not get in trouble.
Please let's start with making note of banks, pensions, insurance, credit cards, the securities firm etc. so that not only for your children but also for you yourself. 

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