おもてなし英会話-基本会話 食事する、写真を撮る、買い物する

2、基本会話 食事する、写真を撮る、買い物する
2、基本会話 食事する、写真を撮る、買い物する
 和食は食べたことがありますか?      Have you ever eaten Japanese food?
 どんな和食が好きですか?         What kind of Japanese food do you like?     
 どんな天ぷらが好きですか?        What kind of tempura do you like? 
 どんな麺が好きですか?          What kind of noodles do you like?
 麺の種類はたくさんあります。       There are many kinds of noodles in Japan. 
 ラーメンだけでもいろいろな味があります。 Even just ramen there are many different tastes.
食べてみたい和食はありますか? Do you have Japanese food you'd like to eat?
食べられない食材や嫌いな物がありますか Do you have any foods you can't eat or you dislike?
アレルギーはないですか? Do you have any food allergies?

ごはんですよ I could prepare breakfast.
頂きます Let's eat.
どうぞ召し上がってください Please eat them.
ご馳走様でした Those were delicious
満足いただけましたか? Were you satisfied?
アルコールはいかがですか? How about alcohol drink?
水道水は飲めます Tap water can be drunk.
It’s safe to drink the water in Japan.
もういっぱいいかがですか? Would you like to have a second helping of food?
遠慮なくおかわりしてください Please do not hesitate to ask for a second helping.
おかわりはどうですか Would you like another helping?
熱いうちに召し上がってください Please eat it while it's hot

箸で食べてみますか? Would you like to try to use chopsticks?
はしの使い方が上手です You are good at using chopsticks
箸の持ち方はこうです I show you how to hold chopsticks
フォークを使って構いません You can use a fork
残してもいいですよ You may leave it.
If you don't like it, you do not have to eat it.
 試してみますか?             Try this, if you like.
味の調整に塩・胡椒・醤油を使います    I will use salt,· pepper or soy sauce to adjust the taste.
お好みのソースをかけてください      Please put your favorite sauce on.
私は醤油をかけて食べます         I pour soy sauce on it and eat it.
蕎麦は音を立てて食べると美味しいと言われていますIt is said soba tastes much better if you slurp it.
The kinds of miso soup are countless by the combination of inserting ingredients and miso.
       Hand-rolled sushi is a sushi make by oneself which family enjoys at home     
回転寿司はベルトコンベアーに乗って運ばれます The revolving sushi is carried on a belt conveyor.
       And you can choose a plate you like. Of course you can order one you like.  
メインは魚介の握り寿司ですが、天ぷらや焼いた肉、フライドポテトなどのサイドメニュー、デザート、麺類もあります。   The main is a bite size handful of sushi made of raw fish, but there are also such as tempura, baked meat, side plates of fried potatoes, desserts and noodles.     
食べ放題です   You can eat all you want at this restaurant.
        Since it is a buffet style, you can eat whatever you like as much as you want.
ドリンクとサラダはおかわり自由です      Drinks and salads are free to refill.
おかわりは自由です              Another helping is free.
おかわりしてください             Please feel free to have a second helping.
Please have a second helping.
Please help yourself to more.
配達ピザを注文しましょうか?         Shall I order a delivery pizza?
Please rinse the tableware lightly and put it in the dishwasher

ここで写真を撮りましょうか?       Shall I take a picture here?
この景色をバックに写真を撮りましょう   Let's take a picture with this scene in the background.  
このサインを入れて、写真を撮りましょう  Let's take a picture with this mark. 
富士山を全部入れて撮った方がいい?    Do you want to see all of Mt. Fuji in the background?
二人の写真を撮りましょうか?       Shall I take a photo of two of you?  
撮ります。チーズ!            Smile. Say cheese!
少し内側に寄ってください         Please step inside in a little bit. 
全員入るように詰めてください       Please move in so that everyone can fit in the picture.
もう少し前に               Come a little forward.
もう少し下がって             Move a little back.
逆光になります              You will be backlit if I take your picture from here.  

目をつぶっています            Your eyes are closing..
もう一度                 Once again. / I’ll take one more.
ぶれています               The photograph is slightly blurred.   
ぶれてしまったので、もう一枚       Now I got shaken, I will do another piece.  
確認して                 Check it, please.
フラッシュが焚けなかった         Flash did not work.
フラッシュは禁止です           Flash is prohibited.
写真見せて                Let me have a look at your picture.    

買い物に行きますが、一緒に行きますか?  I am going shopping, will you go with us?
今晩のおかずを買いに行きます       I am going to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight. 
I think I will go to a shopping center located about 15 minutes by car.
何か欲しいものありますか?        Do you have anything you want?
普段使いにしますか?           Would you like to use it as a daily-use item? 
プレゼント用に包んでください       Please wrap it for a gift.    
値札を取ってください           Please take a price tag off.   
お店では値切る習慣はないです       There is no habit of bargaining over the price at shops.
高価な家電や家具は安くしてくれることもあります When buying expensive home electronics appliances and furniture, you can sometimes bargain over the price.
値段の交渉ができるかどうかしてみますか? Will you like to try to negotiate the price?
これらは3点合計で1,000円です。 These are 1000 yen in a set of three goods.
You have to see if the price display contains 8% consumption tax.
おしゃれなデザインですね。 It is fashionable design. / It’s cool.
よく似合っています It looks good on you. / This stole goes well with your jacket.
これは機能的ですね。 It's very functional.
これは若い女性に人気です This is popular among young ladies
お好きな色は? What's your favorite color? / Do you have any favorite color?
買い物袋を持っていきます I always bring a shopping bag
When you do not have a shopping bag, you can buy it at 5 yen.


食事制限はありますか? Do you have any dietary restrictions?
食べてみたいものありますか?   Is there anything you’d particularly like to try?
食べられないものありますか? Is there anything you cannot eat?
召し上がれ            Please have fun. / Please taste it. 
温かいうちに召し上がれ      Please enjoy it while it’s hot.
お好みのソースで召し上がれ    Please feel free to eat it with any sauces.
お好みで醤油をかけてどうぞ    Please use soy sauce as you like.
美味しいですよ          It’s tasty.

タコを食べたことありますか?  Have you ever tried devilfish/ octopus?
苦手でしたら、無理して食べなくてもいいですIf you don't like it, you do not have to eat it patiently.
日本食は口に合いましたか?    How did you like Japanese food? / Did Japanese food suit your taste?

お腹いっぱい           I have had enough
サラダのおかわりはいかがですか? Won’t you have another helping of salad?
このシチュー温めましょうか?   Would you like me to reheat this cold stew?
おかわりしてください       If you like it, please refill. / please have a second helping.
パイのおかわりいかがですか?   Would you like another helping of pie?
おかわりは自由です        You can ask for the second helping.
ご飯と味噌汁はおかわり自由です You can get refills on rice and miso soup.
ドリンクのおかわりは?      Would you like another drink?      
お水のおかわりは?        Would you like some more water?
サンドウィッチを作るわ      I’m going to make a sandwich for you.
満足いただけましたか?       Did you enjoy it?
おごるよ             It’ll be on me. / It’s on me. / I’ll get it. 
テーブルの上の食器を一緒に片付けましょう  Let's clean up dishes on the table together.
テーブルの上の片付けは心配いりません    Do not worry about tidying up on the table.
There's no need for cleaning the table.

出前          home delivery of meals
手巻き寿司 a hand-rolled sushi by oneself
回転寿司        the revolving sushi
目玉焼き(両面)    a fried egg
目玉焼き(片面)    an egg fried sunny-side up
焼き魚         a grilled fish
焼きそば        fried noodle
ラーメン        Chinese noodle (in soup)     
乳製品         dairy
調味料         condiment seasoning
炊飯器         rice cooker

炒める         stir-fry 
揚げる         deep-fry 6

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2、基本会話 食事する、写真を撮る、買い物する
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