The exchange fee

I was surprised that the exchange fee at the bank is expencive.
In Japan there is a custom to give cash for the celebration.
At that time, we pass the new bills with in a celebration envelope.
So we sometimes need new bills for those events.

They are celebrations of various life stages such as wedding, employment, entrance school, childbirth, etc.
When you withdraw money with an ATM machine, old used bills come out, so you either have to withdraw money at the bank's counter specifying new bills or exchange your own banknotes into a new bills.
There is an exchange machines specialized for exchange inside at the branch office.

However, many banks raised the exchange fee since April 1, 2018.
When exchanging Japanese yen to Japanese yen, for example, from two10,000-yen bills to twenty sheets of thousand-yen bills or to two hundred of 100-yen coins, we must pay 540 yen per 11 bills or coins or more.
And we have to show our passbook or credit card to prove that there is a deal with that bank.

It is the quite sore commission for those who are doing business and need coins.
Since the fee is somewhat different depending on each bank, let's visit several banks.

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