Create and sell Line stickers

Create and sell Line stickers
 This time, make basic greeting stickers using own photos simply.
 Using app is “LINE Creators Studio”.

1. Know the outline of Line stickers.
  LINE Creators Market 
One set consists of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 pieces.
  You can choose the selling price from 50 Line coins:¥120.
  Creator gains 35% of sales.

2. Draft a plan to make stickers.
Collect words of greetings. 

Recommended Stickers
· Stickers that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.
· Stickers that consist of easily understandable expressions, messages,
and illustrations.

Non-Recommended Stickers
· Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
· Stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or
full-length illustrations of tall characters.
· Sets that significantly lack variety, such as stickers made up purely of pale colors or
strings of numbers.
· Content that offends public order and morality, is suggestive of under-age drinking or
smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

3. Collect the materials.
  Choose original photos without copyright issues.

4. Try to make one sticker.
Choose the photo and trim it. It can be cut by shape or your finger.
If you look at that image, you can re-take the photo as you can know
the optimum position and size of the subject.

5. Make a regulations number of stickers.
One set consists of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 pieces.
It also shows how it looks when it actually appears on the line talk.
The application makes to adjust the image size and process transparency automatically.

6. Review them to the best.
Reconsider before the inspection.
Evaluation of acquaintance is helpful as well.

7. Register your Account of Line. 
Write your real name, the creator’s name, the title, the explanation and choose the genre.

8. Submit for the inspection.
LINE Creators Studio is synchronized with LINE Creators Market, and clicking "SALE", you can proceed to the inspection of your stickers.

9. When you receive a message that they have been approved, press "Release" to begin to sell.
It took only three days from the inspection to the approval in my case.

10. Promote through SNS etc.
Why don't you try gifting stickers to your friends and acquaintances
by initial investment of advertising expenses?

When your stamps are sold, you can tab to your stamps from the item management of "My Page", to attach the Auto Suggest function.

You can select up to three words from the word list and set them in one stamp.
You apply to LINE Creators Market after attaching tabs to all the stamps.

Once approved it, click "Update" on "My Page".
One word is translated into several languages.

When inputting tagged words, stamps are automatically shown, so it is user-friendly for those who purchased it.で買う
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