Yuinou is a ceremony that carries out engagement with both houses.
Although the content of ceremony differs for each generation, the region, family opinion, it is the formal engagement ceremony for the two who decided to marry.

Although it is a celebration ceremony, at the biginning even every parent who meet the first-time each other, does not shake hands and does not greet friendly, but sets ornaments of the ceremony in a silent manner, and is supposed to make a oral statement of the fix form.

Currently some couples manage to engage only by the proposal with a ring and the "yes" reply.

But many couples visit the each partner's house after that, greete their parents and have dinner together with the two families.
And at same time, some families hold the informal ceremony giving the Yuinou money to a woman.

In Japan, it is the mainstream to consider that the engagement was contracted after conducting a series of events even if it is informal.

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