nursery schools and kindergartens

The time that nursery schools and kindergartens start to recruit new children who enter from April next year has come.
You first get an application seeing the nursery school along with the explanatory, then submit the application form at the time of submission and wait for announcement of acceptance or disapproval.

In general, kindergarten is targeted for 5 year old children from 3 years old, and nursery school is targeting 5 year old children from 0 years old.
Conditions and details differ depending on the area and nursery schoolspan>.

The case that you want to work but cannot work because there is infant at home is a social problem now.
Children whose parent want to make to enter the nursery school but cannot enter are called "standby children".

Of course, you are occasionally possible to have a chance to enter nursery school not only in April all together but also in the middle of the fiscal year.

Please ask the details of the nursery school which you want to make to enter your child.