Pictured license plate

The vehicle license plate of the car is issued at the Land Transport Bureau in each place.
There are region name, vehicle type and number of the car on white base plate in the case of standard-sized passenger car.

This time, a license plate with unique regional pattern will be newly issued in several areas.
You can see where the cars came from by looking at the license plates at the sightseeing parking lot.
Many regional names are transcribed by Chinese characters, but from now on you will be able to almost recognize them by pictures even if you can not read kanji.

I heard that Olympic specification numberplate will also come out in the future.

To change the license plate, you need a registration fee of approximately 7500 yen and a donation of 1,000 yen to the district.

Further information
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
http://www.mlit.go.jp/jidosha/jidosha_tk6_000031.html in Japanese