"IKIGAI" in Japanese means the worth, pleasure and satisfaction to live for your life, seems to be thought over in the world.

A lot of people from ancient times all over the world have been thinking why we live? , what the purpose of life is? , what the mean to live is?

You would think about it when you face the death of you and your family.
You would think about it when you could not find your purpose of life or when you're not doing well anything and being disappointed.

What does the success in life mean?
What does happiness of life mean?

As for that, not only philosophers, religionist, psychologists but also anyone would ask themselves.
Unfortunately some people pass away before they reach their age when they could think of it, but the lifetime of almost all of us are short as only 100 years long as.
Those who could find satisfactory answers would be happy.

IkigaiThe Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life【電子書籍】[ H?ctor Garc?a ]
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