Trivia about Governor's election

Trivia about Governor's election

The 2020 election of Governor of Tokyo is scheduled to be announced on June 18 and voted on July 5.

In the previous election held in 2016, Yuriko Koike, who is incumbent, won the overwhelming victory with more than 2.91 million votes, with a voting rate of 44.49%.
Last time, 21 candidates ran for.
Do you guess how many people will run for this time?

Let's look at the requirements for candidacy.
Those have nationality of Japan, are 30 years of age or older.
And ones have violated election-related laws and regulations are not eligible for election.

In order to prevent from a large number of candidates run for, like irresponsible candidates for just fun and selling names, you should deposit money of 3 million yen at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

If you exceed the prescribed number of votes, you will be refunded.
If you do not reach one-tenth of the total number of valid votes or if you withdraw your candidacy after paying the deposit, it will be confiscated.

In the Tokyo Governor's election held on July 31, 2016, the number of valid votes was 6,546,362, so 18 people other than the top three were confiscated.

東京都庁舎 縮尺=1/1000 (ペーパー建築模型) [ 丹下健三都市建築設計研究所 ] - 楽天ブックス
東京都庁舎 縮尺=1/1000 (ペーパー建築模型) [ 丹下健三都市建築設計研究所 ] - 楽天ブックス

According to the Tokyo Election Commission, the total number of candidates was the highest number 22, exceeding the previous 21 in 2016.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Election Administration Commission






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