Starry sky in summer

Starry sky in summer
The Milky Way runs in the middle of the summer night sky.
There are a total of 15 first-class stars that you can be seen in Japan, and in the summer, you can see four of them.

The line connecting the three first-class stars of those four is called the Great Summer Triangle.
You can find it easily.

They are "Vega" in Harp, "Altair" in Eagle and "Deneb" in Swan.

And "Antares" in Scorpio is also one more first-class star.
It is easy to find a constellation by adding location information GPS in the constellation app on your cellphone.

fixed star 恒星
sun 太陽
Planet 惑星
Mercury 水星
Venus 金星
Earth 地球
Mars 火星
Jupiter 木星
Saturn 土星
Uranus 天王星
Neptune 海王星

the North Star (Polaris) 北極星
the Big Dipper(米)/the Plough(英) 北斗七星
the Milky Way/ the Milky Way Galaxy 天の川銀河

Constellation 星座
Ram 牡羊座
Bull おうし座
Twins 双子座
Crab 蟹座
Lion 獅子座
Virgin 乙女座
Balance 天秤座
Scorpion さそり座
Archer 射手座
Goat やぎ座
Water Bearer/Carrier 水瓶座
Fishes 魚座
Ursa Major also known as the Great Bear おおぐま座
Ursa Minor also known as the Little Bear 子ぐま座

Summer Triangle 夏の大三角
Deneb in Swan 白鳥座のデネブ
Altair in Eagle わし座のアルタイル
Vega in Harp こと座のベガ
Winter Triangle→冬の大三角
 Betelgeuse in Orion オリオン座のベテルギウス
 Sirius in Great Dog おおいぬ座のシリウス
 Procyon in Dog いぬ座のプロキオン

Satellite 衛星
Comet 彗星 
meteor/shooting star 流星
horoscope 星占い

星を楽しむ 星空写真の写しかた 星、月、星座、流れ星、うつくしい星空を素敵に撮る [ 大野 裕明 ] - 楽天ブックス
星を楽しむ 星空写真の写しかた 星、月、星座、流れ星、うつくしい星空を素敵に撮る [ 大野 裕明 ] - 楽天ブックス






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