Sota Fujii

Sota Fujii

Sota Fujii, a shogi player, made his debut as a professional shogi player of a junior high school student at the age of 14 years and 2 months in 2016.
He updated the record of Hifumi Kato 9dan for the first time in 62 years as the youngest record to become a professional player.
After debuting as a professional, he has won 29 consecutive games and has become popular, created a shogi boom all over Japan.

After that, he set some youngest records and several most win records, and he got the rank to 7dan two years later in 2018.
Such brilliant records were covered in the news, and while there were many shogi players, he got so much attention that even person who didn't know shogi game became fans.

He is an active high school student currently living in Aichi Prefecture; so he has to travel to Tokyo and Osaka on the Bullet train to play a tournament.
There seems to be malicious intimidation as well, but while even well-meaning fans also could happen to see him in such as the Bullet train and might speak to him “I am supporting you. The match of the other day was ..."

However, I think that the moving time is a precious time for him, so let's leave him alone gently.
If not, he might have to get to be guarded by bodyguards.

In the summer of 2020, Sota Fujii won two titles, "Ohi" and "Kisei", and was promoted to 8th dan.
In the shogi world, there are currently eight major titles: “Ryuo”, “Meijin”, “Ohi”, “Ohza”, “Kioh”, “Ohsho”, Kisei” and “Eiou”.

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