Left-handed and calligraphy

Left-handed and calligraphy

Left-handed people often are not said to reform it to be right-handed now a day.
During growing up with tools, for instance a spoon, chopsticks, a pencil, a ball and a kitchen knife, left-handed children might be recommended to use on the right hand too, saying don't you think because it would be convenient if you could use your both hands.

Some children might become right-handed when starting sports or playing musical instruments.
Currently, gloves of baseball and musical instruments for the left-handed are available, but the most difficult one is calligraphy.

There are many specific brush-handlings in Japanese calligraphy, such as the beginning and the ending of a stroke, so some people have decided to use their right hand as well.
Actually some of the left-handed would keep as they were and struggle to devise such as tilting the paper or changing the way the brush is held.

Though I think right-handed is also easier than left-handed to write English signature and European calligraphy, but I see there is a large amount of left-handed in foreigners.
Does it mean that left-handed would be able to get better by getting used to it?

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