Mitsuko Mori

Mitsuko Mori 

She was the famous actress having achieved a long run of the play through all her life.
She went away in November this year at the 92 years old.
But she performed on the stage till 90 years old.   

Her masterpiece was “Hourouki” and she acted over 2,000 times for 40 years.
“Hourouki” is the story of one woman that had many hard time in her life.
But that woman has been living cheerful and did her best.  

It is said she had the image overlapping the main cast.
By the way, I am considering why she had to play the task till such a age.   
Surely, I understand she also didn't like to finish her goal of her life as well her life.  

The funeral of Ms. Mitsuko Mori in 7th December.

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