marking error of entrance examination

Marking error of entrance examination test at Tokyo municipal high schools 

At Tokyo municipal high schools, there was a lot of marking error of entrance examination test.
The Board of Education of Tokyo began apology to people concerned.
The test of common entrance examination of Tokyo municipal high school is not a mark sheet type and each school marks a description type.
It is said that the marking error is because the graders mistook an erroneous answer for a correct answer.
As a result, it was recognized that there was the student who could pass it among examinees who failed in the test.
The Board of Education of Tokyo says, “There should not be a such this. Based on cause investigation, we will carry out prevention of recurrence thoroughly."

The students who would have passed are not able to settle for it by the consolation money and the registration as the additional students, I guess.
However, the marking errors were made public and we found we could see own test sheet.
We couldn't see the contents and details in many tests so far, much less the marking error.
They were in the darkness.
I want to welcome the information that is open.

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