shochu Japanese white distilled liquor

Japanese white distilled liquor called”shochu

Japanese shochu is the same distilled spirit as whiskey, brandy and vodka.
It is said there are more than 5000 kinds of shochu.
Shochu is made from grains and potatoes and is fermented by koji (fermenting agent) and distilled.

"There are two kinds of “shochu group Ko" and "shochu group Otsu", distinguished by the Liquor Tax Law.
"Shochu group Otsu" is a “single distilled Shochu” and the alcohol content is 45% or less.
The classic traditional single distillation method makes rich authentic and natural flavours.
Honkaku Shochu which is “shochu group Otsu" can be called such a name, because it is not a reason it is inferior to “shochu group Ko", though generally "Ko" is superior to "Otsu".
Honkaku means authentic.

The alcohol content of “shochu group Ko" is less than 36 percent.
It is colorless, transparent and pure taste.
It has been used for cocktails, fruit wine and with a lock ice.
There is nice feature that glucide and lipids are zero and a hangover isn't shown to the next morning.
After all, it is reasonable price.

Bottles of shochu are unique design and the amusing naming and the font of the title of the label are interesting very much, so I want to put them side-by-side as the interior items.

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