"Mazegohan": Rice that is mixed with ingredients and flavored.
White rice has a sweetness of the rice itself and generally isn’t seasoned, so we never get tired of the taste of rice and brings out the best in the side dishes.
However, depending on the season and events, we sometimes eat rice that is mixed the ingredients named of "mazegohan".

In autumn, pine mushroom rice, mushroom rice, and chestnut rice
In spring, wild plants rice, bamboo sprouts rice
And the gomoku rice (mixed rice with various kinds of ingredients) throughout the year
In addition, there are the other kinds of seasoned rice with fish, vegetable and chopped pickles, etc.

How to make is two ways, one is that you cook it after putting on the ingredients and seasoning on rice, and the other is that you mix cooked ingredients with cooked rice.

Saying strictly, you can distinguish between the former is "Takikomi gohan (rice that is boiled with other ingredients and seasoning)" and the latter is "Mazegohan"(rice that is mixed with cooked ingredients), but both are similar in terms of that rice and ingredients are mixed and seasoned.

Incidentally, we usually name what we never mix but put the main side dishes on rice "the donburi(rice bowl dishes)" .

"Donburi (rice bowl dishes)" has some kinds of "una don (eel donburi)", "ten don (tempura donburi)", "oyako don (donburi with chicken and eggs)", "katsu don (donburi with pork cutlet)", "gyu don (donburi with seasoned beef)", etc.

松茸ご飯の素(2合用) まつたけ 炊き込みごはん 炊き込みご飯
松茸を自慢のだしでさらに香り高く 香り高い秋の味覚、松茸の風味と食感を生かし、昆布とかつおをふんだん

【京風混ぜご飯の素】【京土産の定番】京都錦市場 京佃煮野村ちりめんたけのこごはん3合用
京佃煮野村 楽天市場店
ちりめんたけのこごはん名称混ぜご飯の素 原材料名 筍、醤油、砂糖、山椒の実、ちりめん雑魚、還元水飴、

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