Astronomy, Jupiter and Saturn

December 21, 2020 is the day we can see in Japan what Jupiter and Saturn are closest to each other.

I went to see them because it is said the last time was in1623 before 397 years, and the next time is 60 years later.

It was bright on the moonlit night tonight and I couldn't see many stars, but I eventually could find two stars.
Though I tried to take a picture of them but I couldn’t clearly.

Please look at the pictures of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

木星と土星大接近 国立天文台.jpg

木星・土星ガイドブック [ 鳫 宏道 ] - 楽天ブックス
木星・土星ガイドブック [ 鳫 宏道 ] - 楽天ブックス

藤井 旭の天文年鑑 2021年版: スターウォッチング完全ガイド - 旭, 藤井
藤井 旭の天文年鑑 2021年版: スターウォッチング完全ガイド - 旭, 藤井

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