Hashi /chopsticks

Hashi /chopsticks

We Japanese people basically use chopsticks when we have meals.
Hashi” means a pair of two sticks with twenty centimeters’ lengths.
It is difficult for even Japanese people to use them.

How to use,
Hand them horizontally paralleling with each other between the index finger and the thumb.
Put the middle of the upper chopstick between the finger pad of the index finger and the nail side of the middle finger.
Place the thumb on the upper chopstick.
Move only the upper chopstick using the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger to pick up food.

If you can handle hashi, You can take meat from the fish with many bones or you can catch a grain of rice.
By the way, some people bring “My hashi”with them, because “Waribashi” that is serviced in the food service industry is a disposable hashi.
And we use “Iwaibashi” in the New Year Day.
They are in the festive paper sack.
There are another names' hashi “ Saibashi”and“Toribashi”.
Saibashi” is one you use in cooking.
Toribashi” is a common hashi plural persons use to take meals from same plate.