The general election in 2012

The general election in 2012

All you know that the Lower House was dissolved and the general election will be held in the 16th December.
Many legislators left from the Democratic Party and made some new parties.
So the political parties supporting candidates seem to become around 14 this time.

I do not understand difference of the campaign platforms well.
Because it is estimated that all political parties can't get the majority of votes, I imagine how the coalition cabinet will be established after the election.
At that time, I’m afraid they would like to join the ruling coalition cabinet by only the numerical theory.

List of political parties in Japan 
 Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)  Minshu-tō
 Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)   Jiyū Minshu-tō ,or Jimin-tō
 People's Life First (LF)        Kokumin no seikatsu ga daiichi
 New Komeito (NKP)         Kōmeitō
 Your Party (YP)           Minna no Tō
 Japanese Communist Party (JCP)  Nihon Kyōsan-tō
 Social Democratic Party (SDP)    Shakai Minshu-tō
 Japan Restoration Party (JRP)    Nippon Ishin no Kai
 Kizuna Party             New Party Shintō Kizuna
 People's New Party (PNP)        Kokumin Shintō
 Sunrise Party (SP)           Taiyō no Tō
 New Party Daichi – True Democrats  Shintō Daichi – Shinminshu
 Green Wind                Midori no Kaze
 New Renaissance Party (NRP)     Shintō Kaikaku
 New Party Nippon (NPN)        Shintō Nippon
 Tax Cuts Japan             Genzei Nippon
 Okinawa Socialist Masses Party (OSMP) Okinawa Shakai Taishūtō






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