A file income tax return

A file income tax return

The fiscal year in Japan is from January 1 to December 31.
All residents of Japan, regardless of nationality, must pay taxes for income earned during the year.
People who need to hand the file income tax return.
An individual have a residence in Japan for one consecutive year or longer.
A taxpayer who is self-employed and self-assesses the income tax to be paid
An employee salaried who’s total income exceeded 20 million Yen.
A person received income from one source in Japan and
earned additional income exceeding 200,000 Yen e.g., stock dividends.
A person received income more than 200,000 Yen from two or more sources,
which was not subjected to the year-end adjustment.
A person who was not deducted the income tax from his salary that he worked for
such as the foreign diplomatic establishments in Japan and gained.
A person who was paid more than 4 million yen from the public pension and
there was the remainder after deducting the subtraction from his income.
People who can gain the tax refund.
A person who can receive the tax refund by reporting the medical expenses subtraction,
the social insurance deduction and other subtractions.
A person who retired in the middle of a year and overpaid tax.

Applications will be accepted from 18 February through 15 March 2013.
For more information, please refer to the website of the National Tax Agency.






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