Summer weather of my local August 27.

Summer weather of my local August 27.

It is sunny with partly cloudy in my area today.
The highest temperature is 33 degrees centigrade.
The lowest temperature was 25 degrees centigrade.

Time of the sunrise is 5:22a.m.
Time of the sunset is 6:25p.m..
Today's probability of precipitation is 0%.

However, typhoon 15 in the south of Okinawa is headed for north.
It might approach Kyushu on Saturday.
So from tomorrow, probability of precipitation is 50%.
Any warnings and advisories are not announced now in my area.

It was intense heat more than 35 degrees every day in August.
A local heavy rain was generated this summer in each place.
On the other hand, in the area that there was few rainfall, shortage of water is serious.
Saving water restrictions are called for.