Cycle train

Train with a bicycle, Cycle train

The train that you can ride on with the bicycle without folding has been carried out in the local railway nationwide.
The train is not crowed, there are a school and a facility that people gather along the railway; and yet those facilities are inconvenient because they are located away from the station, and such a train is demanded by many passengers; those conditions would be needed.
Railway companies that have been carried out are following.
Please check the home page of each railway because there is an alteration about a limited vehicle and a designated date.
The rider on bicycle also has to comply with the road rules same like a motor driver.

Railway companies that have been carried out cycle train.
In Kyushu
Hisatsu Orange Railway in Kumamoto and Kagoshima
Kumamoto dentetsu in Kumamoto 
Matsuura Railway in Nagasaki
In Shikoku
Iyo Rail Way in Ehime
In Chugoku
Ichibata Electric Railway in Shimane
In Kansai
Mizuma Railway in Osaka
Ohmi Tetsudou in Shiga
In Cyubu
Iga Tetsudou in Mie 
Sangi Railway in Mie
Yorou Railway in Gifu
Echizen Railway in Fukui
Hokuriku Railroad in Ishikawa
Toyama Chihou Tetsudou in Toyama
In Kanto
Kantou Railway in Ibaragi
Jyosjin Dentetsu in Gunma
Jomo Electric Railway in Gunma






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