"Chikuwa" is a tubular roll food which is pasted the mashed fish meat around a comb of bamboo and is grilled or steamed.
Chiku-wa means a ring of bamboo.

It is called as "chikuwa" because it is a cylindrical shape after pulling out the skewer and is similar to bamboo.

Both ends of chikuwa are whitish and soft and the center part of it is grilled to brown.
There are a chikuwa to be used to cook food and a chikuwa to eat as raw.

Depending on the kind of fish of the ingredients, taste and price are various.

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百年ちくわ(白)2本《小田原 箱根 伊豆土産 すずひろかまぼこ 蒲鉾》【小田原鈴廣かまぼこ】【10P03Sep16】
「百年をうけつぎ、百年先もかわらぬおいしさ」 百年余の昔から受け継がれし鈴廣伝統の技で素材の持つ旨み