Amazake: Sweet fermented rice drink

AMAZAKE is a drink that has been drunk from ancient Japan.
Materials are rice, rice Koji or sake cake, and water.
Nutritional ingredients resemble drip infusion and are drunk as a nutritional drink for recovery of physical fitness.

You can make it yourself.
Materials are cooked rice, rice Koji and water.
You can use either raw Koji or dried Koji.
Mix them well.

Because management of temperature is important to ferment Koji , you have to keep it at 55 to 60 degrees for about 8 hours .
To do that, you use the heat thermal function of the rice cooker, open the lid, cover it with a cloth etc. and leave it for 8 hours.

Various 125cc sizes to drink for once are sold.
Begin to try it and let's prevent heatstroke.で買う