Grave and Cemetery 

Japanese cemeteries are located in limited places such as temples and the cemeteries.
It is a communal type grave where family members enter together.
Most of people are cremated, so you put the bones into the grave.

When family has more than one child and they get married and have another household, some are into a new another grave.

In Japan, there was a tradition in the past that one child would take over the house and protect the tomb.
If your father are doing a private business, anyone of your brothers take over the shop. If your father is doing farming, anyone of your brothers takes over the farmland and does the farming.
And he also has the role of maintaining the grave.

In the case your living area has moved and you cannot visit the grave easily, some close the grave.
The locker graves inside the building are also now on sale recently.

However, we have feeling to honor the ancestors, thank the parents and yearn for the deceased.
Graveyards are sold by the division, and you purchase gravestones and erect there.

And in Buddhism, there is a system called the Eitai Memorial Service, which is a memorial service for ever long after death.
When burying for the remains of a new Buddha, we have a ritual to have the Buddhist monk give us a sutra.

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